Monday, 14 October 2013

Where have I been?

Hello? Anybody there? I wouldn't blame you if you've finished your glass of wine, eaten the last smoked salmon and cream cheese brioche and made your way into the night wondering what this blog could have become...fear not, I do as well...

So, where have I been...time literally seems to have shifted to warp speed.  The first and major issue is not only huge, it also begs the question that threatens the very existence of this longer am I simply NewbsDad, I'm also Thomas's Dad...yes, NewbsMum gave birth to our wee bundle on 15 September ('13) ... so now, do I stay NewbsDad...or, ah well, for the sake of continuity let's push on!

So, I have two kids, I have two sons...I am the father of two children - no matter how I write this, it still seems like I'm talking about someone else...and then to his Newness's name...Thomas.  Well, Newbs started calling our little guy while in utero, Thomas Trampoline and while we had a few other names in the mix, we simply could not think of a better name than the one his brother had chosen. So, dear readers, I introduce you to...Thomas Arran Matthew.

So thanks for bearing with me but I'm sure you'll agree with my completely biased opinion that they are brilliantly cute....I am of course fiercely proud of NewbsMum and well, Newness'sMum...gosh, I'd better come up with something better.

I'll leave you now however I do endeavour to write or blog more often.  You'll never wish you had the peace and quiet back and I certainly won't write daily.  I will also gather my thoughts and compose a succinct, humourous, thought provoking, relevant and perhaps slightly esoteric blog rather than this rambling collection of overtired sentences...hey, at least you can look at the picture of my mini me's if this bored you.

Until then, I remain yours in apology, yawns and anticipation...


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